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You’re probably here because you’ve discovered that Portuguese is no longer optional.

As one of the ten most widely spoken languages on the planet, it’s essential to penetrate the Portuguese, Brazilian and African markets, as well as the Portuguese-speaking communities on almost every continent. It’s our mission to launch your customers’ foray into these Portuguese-speaking markets.


At AP | PORTUGAL, AP | BRAZIL, AP | ANGOLA and our other regional departments, we’ve been striving towards mastery of the Portuguese language, in all its variety, ever since we opened our doors in 1998. To demonstrate our ambition and innovation, our translation processes are ISO 17100 certified and we’ve integrated machine translation in accordance with the ISO 18587 standard. But we go above and beyond these standards with the KAIZEN™ continuous improvement philosophy.


A key component of trust is dependability. To show you that you can rely on the quality of our handiwork, we’ve created the Total Satisfaction System, which gives you 20 days to request alterations free of charge. We’ll make sure you don’t need them, though. But our commitment to quality isn’t limited to our own work. By integrating our independent review solution into your workflow, you’ll guarantee that all your Portuguese translations meet the highest quality standard.


Your customers are trying to tell their audience something they need to hear—in Portuguese. To help them do that, you’ll have access to our network of seasoned interpreters, whether remotely or on-site. In addition to remote simultaneous interpreting and conference interpreting, our video remote interpreting solution lets your customers demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity with sign-language interpreting.


As your customers expand into Portuguese-speaking markets and become part of their customers’ daily lives, our in-market linguists will localize their websites, apps and media. We’ll help them deliver their global message in a local way by localizing their websites’ and apps’ UI, as well as crafting subtitles and voice-overs for their videos with our video localization solution.


To ensure your customers’ audience stays engaged and expands, our copywriters will create customized, on-demand content and our marketing specialists will optimize their SEO so that their ideal customers find them.

It goes without saying that we’re your one-stop destination for the Portuguese language, in all its flavours.


We’re not just anybody.

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