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Privacy Policy

Because of the nature of our work, AP | PORTUGAL often gains access to extremely confidential information, such as sensitive documentation, contact information, business strategies, industrial methods, products and services, and clients' personal data.


AP | PORTUGAL promises not to make use of any information confided to us for personal benefit or disclose it to third parties unless granted explicit permission to do so.


AP | PORTUGAL recognizes the obligation to respect professional confidentiality. AP | PORTUGAL will never use its customers’ data for any purpose other than to provide them with a service.


AP | PORTUGAL and all its employees are subject to confidentiality regulations in accordance with the ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 18587:2017 quality standards.


Unlike common practice, where customers’ documents could be sent by email from one department to another, AP | PORTUGAL’s internal procedure prohibits sending confidential documents as email attachments. The only email we process is the one we receive from the customer.


All the information and documents sent by the customer are stored on our servers in our advanced translation management system, which can only be accessed by the employee designated by us for that particular project. As such, the staff member or external vendor logs in to our platform, in line with the required safety procedures, with their username and password, and only has access to files that they will handle.


Security and confidentiality


This website allows you to browse securely by using an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to establish an encrypted connection between the web server and your browser, which protects against data theft and manipulation.


The data collected on this website is intended solely for communication, interaction and processing of information requests, quote requests, and speculative job applications initiated by the visitor.


The data shall be kept for a maximum period of 5 years after the end of its use.


Quote requests and proposals


By sending us a quote request, either by completing the form on our website or by sending us an email, you are accepting this privacy policy and therefore consent to the processing of the data provided.


All the following data entered into the form available on our website will be subject to data processing:


-Name and surname;

-Telephone number and email address;

-Billing data;

-Source and target languages;

-Document(s) to be translated and/or any supporting material enclosed.


The implicit consent granted when you send a quote request extends to the consequent quote proposal(s) issued by AP | PORTUGAL, in particular to the data contained and processed therein.


If you do not perform the validation required to send a quote request, AP | PORTUGAL will regard this as a decision not to grant the respective consent. As such, in strict compliance with the new GDPR, the quote request will not be sent or considered in the case of a request submitted via form or email, respectively.


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the new GDPR at


Rights of the holder of personal data, according to personal data protection law and other legislation in force on this matter:


- To object, free of charge, to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes;


- To amend data by submitting a request by post or email, as this website does not have private areas requiring registration with a username or email address and password;


- To the 'right to be forgotten' and the right to permanently delete personal data, as long as these are not necessary to, for example, issue accounting documents related to contracted services;


- To data portability and to receive a copy thereof in a structure format upon request by post or email;


- To be informed in case of a system breach permitting unauthorized access to personal data.

Cookie Policy

This website uses technical cookies, which are small text files containing basic information about your browser session. They are stored in your browser and are used to ensure that the website works correctly. You can manage whether these files are accepted in your browser settings.


Third-party cookies


Google Analytics: used to analyse website traffic statistics and to cross-reference information with Google Ads campaigns and the Google Display Network. These cookies are used exclusively for statistical purposes and to improve our website and our visitor's experience in it.


Online chat support: used to store information about users’ chat preferences, which allows the service to work as intended and helps us identify the visitor during future interactions.

Digital advertising platforms, used to present new services, and offers, and improve the visitor's experience with the company.


Controlling cookies


You can manage and/or delete cookies, though this may disable certain services and/or features. For more information, visit


Consumer disputes


In the event of a dispute, the consumer may appeal to an alternative consumer dispute resolution body, namely the Porto Arbitration Centre.

Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy
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