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About Us

AP | PORTUGAL’s amazing team with great technology has been breaking down barriers and bringing people together since 1998.


As our customer

It’s our mission to be your one-stop destination to expand your global reach by digitally transforming your communication, whether through translation, localization, marketing or events, and increase the impact of your message.


We’ve been mastering the craft of translation ever since we opened our doors. We’ve established relationships with experienced, area-specific interpreters. We’ll help you deliver your global message in a local way by localizing your website and app, as well as crafting subtitles and voice-overs for your videos. We’ll help you organize your events and take them online, which means you’ll capitalize on your investment, reduce your ecological footprint and ease your management burden. Our copywriters will produce targeted content and our marketing specialists will tweak your SEO in every language and region to ensure that your ideal customers find you.

About us

"... What more could you want from your one-stop destination to help you digitally transform your global communication?..."


António Cruz - Account Manager

As our partner

It’s our mission to ease your customers’ journey into the Portuguese, Brazilian and African markets, not to mention the Portuguese-speaking communities on almost every continent. 


As one of the ten most widely spoken languages on Earth, Portuguese is no longer optional. AP | PORTUGAL, along with AP | BRAZIL, AP | ANGOLA and our other regional departments, has been honing its expertise in all Portuguese varieties since 1998. In the meantime, we’ve become ISO 17100 certified and integrated machine translation in line with the ISO 18587 standard. Our exclusive Total Satisfaction System is a further demonstration of our commitment to quality. Your customers will also benefit from our seasoned interpreters, who will help them spread their message loud and clear—in Portuguese. Our specialized in-market linguists will localize their websites, apps and media. Our copywriters will produce targeted content and our marketing specialists will tweak their SEO to ensure that their ideal customers find them.

It’s only natural that we should be your one-stop destination for the Portuguese language, in all its rich variety.




Social Responsibility

You, our customer,

are a cut above the rest.

By working with us, you’re directly supporting children and teenagers with special educational needs. We are partnered with ApoioXXI, a psychological and behavioural learning centre specialized in helping these children succeed at school by supporting them psychologically and promoting their overall development. We make financial contributions, offer logistical assistance and provide equipment.


Each family has access to the best facilities and the most skilled professionals, independently of their financial situation. This is only possible because of AP | PORTUGAL’s partnership.

In other words, it’s only possible because of you.

This is what sets you apart.

Social responsability
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