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AP | BRAZIL - Tech Language Solutions is a one-stop destination for digital transformation specially created to perform translations from and to Brazilian Portuguese. AP | BRAZIL belongs to AP | PORTUGAL, which is certified by the Quality Standard ISO 17100, published in 2015 by the International Organization for Standardization.


Technical translations


We are specialised in several fields of technical translations such as legal, political, economic, entrepreneurial and scientific.

Since technical translation requires specialised knowledge, we only select translators who are familiar with the field dealt with in each project.


Website and software localization


AP | BRAZIL can localise your website and software, by adapting these communication and working tools to the specific characteristics of each region (language, culture, graphic standards). Your company can therefore move confidently towards conquering new markets.


Availability, quickness and convenience


Our team is focused on helping you to achieve your goals. Our perfectionist project managers assure that your project is delivered on time and all your needs and demands are met. Our intricate network of language service providers allows us to be just a click away from the professional best suited for your project.

AP | Brazil

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About Us

AP | BRAZIL’s amazing team with great technology has been breaking down barriers and bringing people together since 1998.


AP | BRAZIL - Tech Language Solutions belongs to AP | PORTUGAL and was specially created to perform translations from and to the brazilian variant of Portuguese. This is because, despite the unification of the Portuguese language, the particularities of it used in Brazil remain. That is why the jobs of AP | BRAZIL are completed in Brazil and by experienced native professionals. AP | BRAZIL relies on more than 10 years of experience and a vast pool of translators, who specialise in various languages and fields. Ensure a quick turn-around for both large and small projects and expect a fair and highly competitive price. We know that when an agency contracts a freelance translator to carry out a translation project from/to the Portuguese language, it is often very difficult to ascertain the quality and carry out the respective proofreading.


AP | BRAZIL is well aware of the importance of Quality for the success and valorisation of your company.


The Quality Standard ISO 17100, published in 2015 by the International Organization for Standardization, aims to define quality requirements and certify translation services throughout the different steps of the translation process - human and technological resources, quality management, project records, legal framework procedure, value added services, and definitions of terms.


AP | BRAZIL relies on these principles and calls for a proactive and responsible attitude of all employees, to promote continuous improvement and effectiveness of their quality management system, pledging to ensure the human, technical and financial resources to this project.

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Why choose AP | BRAZIL?


1. Experience

Our language services are powered by several years of experience and knowledge.

2. Quality/price

Our main goal is to offer fair prices to allow our business a continuous investment in quality services, without jeopardizing our clients' projects.

3. Human resources qualification

We have a large portfolio of translators, interpreters and other collaborators, whose education and experience, ensure excellent results even in the most demanding projects.

4. Effective coordination

AP | BRAZIL professionals are managed by Mário Júnior (member of the American Translators Association), who is an expert in the areas of translation, project management and workforce management.

5. Deadlines

It is our company's policy to set targets for the delivery of projects in a timely manner. We have a large pool of language services professionals, which allows us to quickly respond quickly to our clients. 

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