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Event Management

Would you try to build your own smartphone? Of course not.

You’d need to source all the parts, find all the right tools and hire the necessary expertise. And you’d likely want the highest-quality parts, the most reliable tools and the most capable engineers. It’s simpler, cheaper and probably safer to just buy one and forget about how it all came together. Why should events be any different?

If you’ve decided to host an event, it’s because you have something important to say, you’d like to debate a timely issue or you’re bringing people together for a common cause. In all these cases, you’d benefit from reaching a wider audience, so why not amplify your event by taking it online, whether as a hybrid or completely virtual event? You’ll capitalize on your investment, minimize costs and reduce your ecological footprint.

No matter which format you choose, we have all your needs covered. We’ll organize and manage your event in partnership with you, provide cutting-edge AV equipment and specialized technicians, craft a customized event website, assemble a bespoke team of professional staff, ensure your message comes across to all participants with our experienced interpreters, and capture your event with photo, video and audio coverage.

An event has many moving parts: participants, audiovisual equipment, technicians, a promotional website, interpreters, attendance staff… and several organizers.

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We’ll take care of all the details so that you can forget about how it all came together.

Event Management

Audiovisual Rental

Whether you’re hosting an in-person, hybrid or virtual event, you don’t want to ruin it with choppy audio, low-resolution video and unflattering lighting. Our battle-ready AV equipment will ensure that you’re clearly seen and heard, whether in-person or via live streaming. You can get a free quote today.

AV Audiovisual Rental

Remote and Conference Interpreting

As Nelson Mandela astutely observed, if you speak to people in a language they understand, it goes to their heads, but if you speak to them in their language, it goes to their hearts. Our interpreters ensure that you reach your audience’s hearts, whether in-person or remotely. They’re also hand-picked based on the theme of your event to guarantee that your message gets across accurately.

In addition to remote simultaneous interpreting and conference interpreting, our video remote interpreting solution lets you demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity with sign-language interpreting. No special hardware is required. All you need is an internet-connected computer with a webcam, tablet or smartphone.

If you decide to host your event at Artiga Center, our amplified event hub, you’ll also benefit from the interpreting booths there, which provide the ideal environment for our interpreters to perform at their peak. Get a free quote here.

Remote & Conference Interpreting

Multimedia Coverage

It’s effortless to maximize your return on the investment you’ve made in your event. We provide photo, video and audio coverage of your event so that you can share photos on your website and social media channels, transform the video into a webinar and convert the audio into a podcast episode. Get a free quote today.

By using our highly advanced AV equipment, we don’t miss a pixel, frame or decibel.

Multimedia Coverage



You’re a master of your craft. Let us staff your event with professionals who are masters of theirs, such as attendants who make your participants feel like first-class cabin passengers, interpreters who skillfully pave over language barriers, AV technicians who ensure that your message is conveyed without interruption, and customer support staff who politely and competently answer your attendees’ every question via our help desk and hotline solutions. Get your free quote here.


Artiga Center: Amplified Event Hub

This is your all-in-one event solution. And it’s built to amplify. Artiga Center, our in-person, hybrid and virtual event hub, was designed to help you maximize the return on your investment and reduce your ecological footprint. It’s pre-fitted with our cutting-edge AV equipment for your presentations and live streams. You can customize the layout of the event rooms to suit your needs. It features a high-end interpreting hub with the latest ISO-certified remote interpreting and video remote interpreting (VRI) technology. And it has a chroma key studio, which means you can create entirely virtual environments for your hybrid or virtual event.

"... This is an all-in-one event solution. And it’s built to amplify..."


Jorge Bessa - Chief Information Officer

Artiga Center
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