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Website and App Localization

"... Your online brand is centred around your website and app..." 

Cátia Rodrigues - Project Manager

They’re the stage on which your customers’ digital experiences play out. To accomplish your mission, become an authority in your field and see engagement surge, you need to interact with your global audience in a local way. That means offering your loyal customers content in their own languages and respecting their cultural values.

Here’s our three-step localization strategy for your website or app:





ISO 17100


Post-Editing Machine Translation:

 ISO 18587


Translation + CMS Integration


Multilingual SEO:

Translation + Localization + SEO

Amongst other technological solutions, we represent Wordbee, a translation management system, and Beebox, its CMS connectivity solution, which is compatible with most CMSs on the market.

Let our in-market linguists, empowered by great technology, adapt your message and optimize your customers’ online interaction with your brand. Get a free quote.

Website and app localization

Video Localization: Subtitles/Captions

You already know that video is indispensable in your marketing strategy. The same can be said for subtitles.

80% of consumers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available. In other words, if you’re not subtitling your videos, you’re choosing to lose views.


You’re also missing the opportunity to rank higher in Google. Search engines can understand subtitles, so they should be part of your SEO strategy.

Subtitling is a delicate art. It has to strike a balance between conveying the spoken information, ensuring readability and avoiding interference with the image. You never need to worry about this balancing act, because our amazing team with great technology ensures the optimal blend, while helping you effortlessly hold the attention of more customers and rank higher in the search engines that matter to you. You can get a free quote here.

Video Localization: Subtitles/Captions
Video Localization: Voice-Overr

Video Localization: Voice-over

An ad, commercial video or documentary are not just about the moving frames. An online class is not just about the material. A tour is not just about the sights. A book doesn’t have to be just about the ink on the page. All of these are immeasurably enhanced by high-quality, context-appropriate voice-overs.

Just choose the languages you need for your project, listen to the ample range of voice talent available to you, pick the artists that best capture the personality and emotion you’d like to convey, and let us take care of the rest. Get a free quote in less than a day.




We’ll negotiate a deadline based on your project’s size and type. We’ll deliver on that date, without fail.


Total Satisfaction System

You’ll have 20 days to ask for a revision, correction or adjustment, free of charge. We’ll make sure you don’t need them, though.

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Professional Quality


You choose the format that’s ideal for your video. We’ll deliver the quality that’s ideal for your viewers.

Where to use voice-over

Âncora 1
Machine translation integration

Machine Translation Integration

If there’s a new best tool for the job, you should use it. If you’re in the right industry, such as fashion, pharmaceuticals or e-commerce, machine translation might just be your new best tool for localization. It’s lightning-fast and extremely cost effective. It’s also constantly improving. Let us integrate machine translation into your content management system. You’ll rarely have to think about localization any more. Get a free quote.

Unlock the full potential of AI

Linguistic Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

"... You’ve invested time, money and effort into building your brand. Don’t let substandard localization erode it..."


Gonçalo Correia - Digital Marketing Manager

By integrating our rigorous linguistic quality assurance (QA) into your workflow, we’ll find the mistakes, not your customers. Our amazing team of hawk-eyed linguists, empowered by great technology such as automated QA tools, will ensure that all your translations meet your high standards. Get a free quote here.

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