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A book’s cover draws attention. But the reader stays for what’s inside. Just like your website, app and digital content. Unlike books, these are a constant work in progress. You and your team would be (or already are) under non-stop pressure to write and update your platforms’ copy and share new content with your audience.


You need a reliable, capable and efficient partner to ease the load. That’s exactly why we’ve created Copywriters.

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO

It’s hard to break into a new market. It’s even harder when you aren’t showing up in search results. Multilingual SEO ensures that your audience finds you in every language they speak and every country they live in.

But multilingual SEO is tricky. Badly implemented, it could hurt your search engine rankings. You’ll want to trust experts with carefully honed language, marketing and web skills. That’s us.

Our in-market teams will research the most strategic multilingual and regional keywords, create new attention-grabbing content and adapt existing valuable content, and help you localize your website’s URLs and metadata. You can get a free quote is less than a day here.

Elements of Multilingual SEO

Our multilingual SEO wizards will optimize your website's SEO and improve its organic positioning in search results by tweaking these elements:


Multilingual Content Management

If you have a multilingual, global marketing strategy, you almost certainly know what a nightmare it is to keep track of all your pieces of content, deal with inefficient communication whenever you need something translated or localized, distribute the right resources to the right people at the right time, and measure the performance of this entire contraption. In fact, the last item is probably the easiest: it’s not performing well.

Advantages of automated multilingual content management

It goes without saying that you’d prefer to automate the entire workflow, manage your resources in a single place and enjoy the reassuring humming of this well-oiled machine. Automatic quote and invoice generation means that requests, approval and payment would be reduced to seconds. Linguists would collaborate seamlessly, have access to shared resources and translate more accurately with built-in quality assurance (QA) tools. And you would be able to monitor this all with KPIs and financial and productivity reports.

Turn ‘would’ into ‘will’ with our multilingual content management solution. Get a free quote.

Forget about project administration and spend your extra time and energy sharing your content with your global audience faster.​


Our solution integrates with any CMS, which means your content will be localized quickly, transparently and seamlessly.

Multilingual Content Management

Event Platform: Eventum

You’ve decided to host an event. Now it’s time to spread the word, rake in the registrations and set a countdown timer. We’ll create your customized event website so that you can point your audience to a single, authoritative source of information and allow them to register or purchase tickets.

If your event is hybrid or virtual, your audience and participants will be able to attend via live streaming, with video remote interpreting (VRI) available in any languages you require, including sign languages. If they miss a session, our replay system lets them watch it at their convenience. We’re an official Zoom representative, which means that your event will benefit from virtual networking and workshop rooms.

If your event is entirely or partially in-person, our high-tech credential and ticket system means that you won’t have to worry about the administrative stress of handling access passes manually. You can get a customized free quote in less than a day.

Our amazing team with great technology will make sure your

event website reflects your brand identity, speaks with your voice and makes attraction, registration and attendance seamless.

Event Platform

User/Customer Experience (UX/CX) Testing

As more and more interactions with your potential and current customers happen on your website and/or app, you want to be sure that your and their goals align.

Are your customers finding what they need, when they need it? Do your platforms make provision for every possible journey your visitors may take? Are they invited to take action at the most opportune moment?

If you’re not seeing the results you expect or you’re planning on implementing new changes, you’ll want independent testers to optimize your customers’ journey through your platforms and ensure you don’t launch them into a maze. At the same time, these testers need to know what to look for and how to report their experience in a standardized way. Get a free quote today.

UX/CX testing

You can rely on our team of user/customer experience testers to do just that, in any language, on any platform, in any market.

Desktop publishing

Desktop Publishing


If you’ve entrusted us with the translation, localization or transcreation of a gorgeously designed advertisement poster, product catalogue, video, web banner or any other image-rich medium, our team of digital media specialists will ensure that the translation looks exactly like the original or is adapted according to your specifications. Get a free quote here.

Every pixel is accounted for.

Data Annotation

AP | Portugal Tech Language Solutions is not just a language company, we have a wide range of highly technological solutions and with a team of data annotation experts, for any field and language, we can be your ideal partner!


If you are looking for support for a data annotation project, know that we can easily integrate our team with your data software.


We can work with any unlabeled data and turn it into high quality training data for your AI models, for any format:

text, audio, image and video.

Before AI can ride on its own,
it needs training wheels

If you want to know more you can always book a meeting with our team, or feel free to ask for a free quote, we will get back to you in 24 hours.

Data Annotation
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